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Helen helped me create a home that is contemporary, stylish and family friendly.

My client was looking for something family friendly yet stylish and sophisticated at the same time. This home has three active young children. Everything needed to be comfortable and hold up to everyday life. We engaged the children in the process. It was really great.

The views were spectacular. We wanted to include them as part of the design. Wall colors and window fabrics were selected to enhance the light streaming through the huge windows.

Creating a home with children is always a challenge. Fabric and furniture were selected with stain resistant and heavy wear finishes. Lots of custom storage was added for each child to keep their books, toys and games. A banquet seating area in the kitchen is a fun place to eat. All this was accomplished along side sophisticated slipper chairs and leather and chenille seating. The living room and all the rooms are well lived in and enjoyed by everyone.