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Within two weeks we had multiple offers and sold the apartment for more than our initial asking price.

The client needed to sell their 800 square foot apartment and move into a larger space. The use of staging an apartment to help a sale in a tough market is just what they needed. With a second baby on the way and no bids coming in, they needed help. We decided to renovate the kitchen and update the bathroom. I had one week before a real estate Open House, and their return from vacation to work my magic.

I was so delighted by the results. We created a beautiful new kitchen, using "green" design. We included bamboo cabinetry, recycled counter top material, and energy star-rated stainless steel appliances. They sold the place in two weeks and recouped 100% of their investment in the redo. Then we got to work on the new place in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY.