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Helen has the patience of a saint.

This young couple owned some very beautiful antique mahogany pieces. We used their antique pieces in with the new purchases and added comfortable seating with traditional style. A carpet that would complement the furniture was an important piece, but they were not ready to make the investment on a collectible carpet at this time. They had a growing family and wanted to feel at ease with their surrounding, without compromising style.

Most quality traditional mahogany pieces are works of art done with remarkable workmanship. I did not want the home to feel like a museum, especially for a young family. I wanted whatever we added to the room to enhance the beauty of the pieces. We selected fabrics with patterns that were both current and had a sense of history. The use of historic paint colors on the walls help establish a feeling of warmth. We selected a Tabriz carpet with subtle colors to blend with the sofa and loveseat. Now that they have two children, we had to move on to their rooms!